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manoj kashyap


IBS-K has taken considerable steps to motivate the faculty members at both individual and group levels towards the process of creating and distributing knowledge. The organization provides better pay packages than those of similar activities and standards. Apart from the salary, there are number of incentives for positive contributions in the knowledge activities. The non-PhD members are always encouraged to complete doctoral program. The institute even bears the financial burden of PhD programs undertaken by a few faculty members, who enroll in the IBS PhD scheme.

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Prasad R, Suryakant, Mukerji PK, Gupta AK, Garg R, Rizvi DM, Jain A, Agarwal SK. Initial drug resistance in patients of pulmonary tuberculosis attending a tertiary care centre. Indian J Tuberc 2001; 48: 159 (Abstract).

Sofia V, Balassangameshwara VH, Jagannatha PS, Kumar P. Initial Drug resistant among tuberculosis patients under DOTS programme in Bangalore city. Indian J Tuberc 2004; 52: 17-21.


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