Prof. Shivukumar S. Baligeri


Nowadays, the Internet is being widely used for various purposes and has become part of daily life. At its inception internet was used as a medium for communication only but with time it has become a source to learn, entertain and most recently a medium for the exchange of goods and services between buyer and seller. The internet now has resulted in a new mode of exchange between buyer and sellers and has created an alternative for the traditional marketplace. Shopping through the internet has brought a different dimension to commercial activities. Compared to traditional shopping, consumers are preferring the internet as shopping medium because of its characteristics like ability to view and shop at any time from any corner of the world, feature like searching information about commodities, place a query / review or give purchase orders. Along with these features, convenience and comparatively lower price are some additional features resulting in acceptance of internet as a new shopping avenue. In this research, a sample size of 110 respondents or customers was taken for study. Both primary and secondary was used for the research paper. Primary objective of this paper is to study the behavior of customer online shopping usage with reference to Bagalkote area. The current research, data was collected through questionnaires.

Keywords: Online shopping, Customer behavior, Development and Technology.

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