Vani. S. Shettar


Abstract:- It is commonly known that human resource of an organization is important capital. This is especially true in labor intensive industry such as hotel industry. A well-managed human resource is able to help organization to improve its organizational Performance. Therefore, are search is conducted to determine the associated between human resource practices and organizational performance. Independent variables such as selective hiring, training and development, performance appraisal and compensation are being studied to determine their relationship with organizational performance. A total number of 70 set of questionnaires is collected from non-managerial hotel employees and the result are analyzed. Findings shows that all human resource practices have significant relationship with organizational performance. Specifically, compensation and performance appraisal have the strongest relationship. This is followed by training and development and selective hiring. In another word, hotel management should focus more on compensation and performance appraisal system in order increase organizational performance. Also, training and development and selective hiring should not be neglected

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Hotel is renewed because of its excellence in providing customer satisfaction. They were enjoying the status of markets leadership rather monopoly since their existence. Hotel should work to cope with this competition. Whatever the conditions will be hotel loyal and permanent customers will always prefer them. As is not up to the expectations so far, therefore, it has an opportunity to maintain and improve their quality service and retain their customers. In the present competitive world, hotel industries are facing the lot of competition. The hotels have felt that the employees are equally important with the external customers.

Therefore the hotel has devised and implemented a number of innovative human resource policies in order to attract the best talent, providing them a good environment to work with and which also enables the hotel to retain, talent and also the employees. A good human resource management environment ensures harmony between employer and employee. A study revels there relations between educational qualification and Hr policies following open book management style, fair evaluation system and knowledge sharing initiative can make the practices more effectively and helps the organization to accomplish is goal. We conclude that is better than any other hotel located in Bagalkot at present and it is always the preference for its employees and customers.


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