Sahana Deshpande


Abstract:- A man’s life today faces all sorts of challenges and obstacles that hamper his normal functioning and most of the time his pressure/stress is too hard to handle. When we are expected to meet the changing demands, we undergo stress. Studies show that stress is a negative state of mind and since state of mind is changeable, stress is controllable. By adopting various stress management techniques and knowing exactly where the stress is coming form can release stress to a greater extent and give a sort of comfort and boost confidence. In the proceeding article the causes of stress and stress controlling techniques are elaborated clearly. In today’s competitive world, tension and stress have become a part of a great concern for people. Many stress techniques have been put forth and some have succeeded and some have failed. However, before implementing the stress control techniques are necessary. Stress is a strain, force, tension, emphasis, difficulty, breakdown, anxiety or depression. ‘Stress’ is what you feel when you have to handle more than you are used to. When one is stressed, one’s bodies react as through one is in danger. “Stress management” is simply the provision of ‘stress coping’ techniques, to enable a person fight against stress. Stress management is effective when person utilized strategies to cope with or alter stressful situation. Stress depends upon your personal view of the stressor and can be both a positive and negative factor in your life. It is your reaction to the events, which determine whether the outcome is positive/ negative. Your capacities determine the results stress is a demand made upon physical capacities. When your capacities for handling stress are strong and healthy, the outcome is positive. When you look the ability to handle the demands, the outcome is negative.

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